Our Service
Oil & Gas Professionals
Dalsin specializes in the procurement and supply of the manpower to the oil & gas sector in the middle east, and Africa. We are proud to be associated with them and have often been deputed to source and supply manpower for their various on-going projects across the world, in the categories such as design engineers, petroleum engineers, inspection engineers, maintenance technicians, drilling engineers, Mud engineers and many other grade II technicians.
Petro- Chemical Professionals
The specialty of Dalsin is in finding dynamic personel for challenging careers. Our specialized teams of human resource professionals are ready to help candidates and employers in the petro-chemical segment find their next suitable position faster and more easily than practically any other method available. We supply the following personnel: Level I and II technicians, Level III Managers, petrol scientists and researches , Engineers, Project Managers, Group Leaders and Sales Professionals etc.
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